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October - 2019
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Freedom Park Secondary School is situated within No 8 Shaft of Impala Mines, a distance of 18km from Rustenburg CBD. It caters for all learners from the whole of North West Province, Eastern Cape,Lesotho, Botswana, Mozambique and other Provinces of South Africa.

It is a school built by Vodacom Foundation in conjunction with the North West Department Of Education. It opened its doors for the first time in April 2007 with only Grades 7,8 and 9 learners then. The first Principal of the school was Ms Njuza B.G.S. She was assisted by Mr Tsepe D. I., Mr Sesinyi O.E., Ms Lelaka J.B as the School Management Team. She was later succeeded by the current Principal, Mr Tsepe D.I. after resigning in 2009.

The school presented its first matric group in 2010 and managed to produce 77,17%. In 2011 it produced 84,01% followed by 81,08% and down to 77,06% in 2013, 67.80% in 2014, 70.83% in 2015, 78.43% in 2016 and 78.08 in 2017. The slight drop in results in the past few years was due to their decision they took to ensure that they registered more pure Maths learners in matric than Mathematical Literacy. In 2013, out of 109 learners who wrote final year matric exam, 73 registered pure Maths while only 36 registered Mat Literacy. The SMT currently pursue its vision of ensuring that more learners pass Mathematics and Sciences so as to assist the country in the shortage of skills in engineering and medicine fields.
We are very happy with the strategy the National Department of Basic Education is employing of analyzing the results, termed the INCLUSIVE BASKET as we have been worried about the type of the matric learners schools produce. Their destiny in particular has been the thorn in our feet. Whether they were answering to the needs of the country on the spot.

You find a school with 200 matriculates and only 19 doing Maths and Physical Sciences out of that 200, and celebrates 100% of such a school. It cannot be on at all.

The school, built within the informal settlement, is challenged socio-economically. Many learners are from very poor family backgrounds and others are even heading their families. Educators within the school are always assisting some needy learners with groceries and toiletries on monthly basis to ensure that they attend school without fail.

The school has very disciplined learners who are focussed, even though so much challenged. They take part in Sport. On yearly basis, they have a soccer team of boys who represents them at various Cup Competitions including in some instances nationally.

The School Governing Body is very supportive to the SMT and Staff at large. The support of Parents toward the school is not up to the required standard but many are trying their level best to come aboard.

The school surrounding and buildings are in a very good condition because of the regular maintenance work that is carried forward. The SGB has hired nine General Assistants and two Administartive Assistants who are taking care of the school on daily basis. The school is currently awaiting help from the Department Of Education to relief the school from employing from their own pockets.

All those who are interested in visiting the school OR wishing to render any assistance to the school,can contact the current Principal, Mr Tsepe D.I. using details under CONTACT US.

Welcome and thank you for visiting to Freedom Park Secondary School - Excellence through Education

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All Parents are invited to attend the Annual General Meeting scheduled for the 04th December 2019 at 11H00 at the School Hall.

Budget 2020 will be discussed during the meeting as well as the Annual Report of activities.

All parents are urged to attend personally and should avoid sending siblings of learners to represent them. Please request leave from your employers, if working, so as to attend for just 3 hours.

You need to be part of the decisions taken to govern you and your child for the following year.